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A delicious Christmas hamper filled with holiday season favourites, no matter whether you are heading away or staying home. Celebrate relaxing summer days with Pure Delish Almond & Dark Chocolate Snacking Clusters, Chewy Choc Chip Cookies from Serious Food Co and a selection of yummy crackers too.
• Serious Food Co Chewy Choc Chip Cookie 170g
• Little Bird Almond Crackers 100g
• Hill St Cacao Fudge Brownie Baking Mix 280g
• Pure Delish Almond & Dark Chocolate Snacking Clusters 150g
• Cathedral Cove Raw Paleo Super Cereal Cherry Cacao 260g
• Rutherford & Meyer Beetroot Cracker Bites 140g
• Health Discovery Super Seed Keto Black Pepper & Chives Crackers 150g
• Tio Pablo Totopitos Fiesta Corn Tortilla Chips 230g
• Tio Pablo Salsa Vaquera 330g