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Perfect for picnics or platters, the Farro Deluxe Entertainers Hamper is packed full of gourmet goodies, from Harbourside Roasted Macadamia Nuts to Inspired’s Fig, Walnut and Honey Crispbreads and Herb and Spice’s irresistible Red Pepper Pesto Dip, plus a Farro Wood Chopping Bread Board to complete the gift.
• Telegraph Hill Lemon and Herb Olives 150g
• Telegraph Hill Marinated Figs in Balsamic Drizzle 150g
• Rutherford & Meyer Beetroot Cracker Bites 140g
• Harbourside Roasted Macadamia Nuts 100g
• Herb and Spice Red Pepper Pesto Dip 28g
• Herb and Spice Guacamole Dip 28g
• Herb and Spice Mill Pinot Noir Wine Jelly 120ml
• Inspired Fig Walnut and Honey Crispbreads 115g
• Tio Pablo Salsa Vaquera 330g
• Tio Pablo Totopitos Fiesta Corn Tortilla Chips 230g
• Asian Food Republic Ginger Caramel Nut Medley 100g
• Farro Wooden Chopping Bread Board 320x195x16mm